Sell Digital Downloads with Google Scripts

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You can set up your own digital shop on the Internet with the help of PayPal and Google Scripts. You upload your file on Google Drive, the buyer makes a purchase through PayPal and Google Apps Script will deliver the file to the buyer through Gmail.

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/* PayPal Shop with Apps Script */

/* Add the PayPal Item Ids and Google Drive Files names here */
  ["product-001", "useful-websites-book.pdf"],
  ["product-002", "linux-training-course.mp4"],
  ["product-003", "labnol-audio-book.mp3"],
  ["product-004", "presentation-template.ppt"]

/* The script will scan your Gmail inbox every 5 minutes for PayPal emails */
function PayPal() {

function myShop() {

  var file, size, files, threads;

  for (var p in PAYPAL) {

    threads ="is:unread from:paypal " + PAYPAL[p][0]);

    if (threads.length > 0) {

      /* Find the file in Google Drive */
      files = DriveApp.searchFiles('title contains "' + PAYPAL[p][1] + '"');

      if (files.hasNext()) {

        file =;
        size = file.getSize()/(1024*1024);

        for (var i=0; i<threads.length; i++) {

          /* The PayPal transaction emails container the buyer's email in the Reply-To field */
          var buyer   = threads[i].getMessages()[0].getReplyTo();
          var subject = "Thank you for your purchase";
          var body    = "Please download the file using the link below.\n\n";

          /* Check the size of the Google Drive file (in MB) */
          if (size > 20) {
            file.addViewer(buyer); /* For big files, share the file with the buyer */
            GmailApp.sendEmail(buyer, subject, body + file.getUrl());
          } else {
            /* Else attach the file in the email message itself */
            GmailApp.sendEmail(buyer, subject, body, {attachments: file.getBlob()});

          /* Move the PayPal email to Archive and Mark it as Read */
Published in: Google Apps Script

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