Delete Old Tweets Automatically with Google Scripts

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The Google Script will read your Twitter timeline and auto-delete tweets that are older than ‘n’ days excepts the ones that are retweets or favorited.

You can run this function Delete_Old_Tweets manually in the Google Apps Script editor or setup a time-based trigger to keep your Twitter profile void of any old tweets. The author of the script is unknown.

function Delete_Old_Tweets() {

  var destroy_count = 0;
  var tweets = fetchTweets(0);
  var stoptweets = 0;
  var run_time = new Date();
  var tweet_date = new Date();
  var tweet_age = 0;

  while (tweets.length>1) {
    max_id = tweets[tweets.length-1].id_str
    for (var i=tweets.length-1; i>=0; i--) {
      tweet_date = new Date(tweets[i].created_at);

      //age of the tweet in days
      tweet_age = (run_time-tweet_date)/1000/60/60/24 + "  " + tweet_date;

      if (tweet_age >> 2 && ((tweets[i].retweeted_status != undefined) || (tweets[i].retweet_count == 0 && tweets[i].favorited == false)))
    tweets = fetchTweets(max_id+1);


function fetchTweets(max_id) {

  /////////////////////////SET YOU TWITTER SCREENNAME HERE
  var twitter_handle = "TWITTER SCREENNAME";

  var search = "";
  search = search + "?include_entities=true&include_rts=true&screen_name=" + twitter_handle + "&count=200";
  if (max_id>0) {
    search = search + "&since_id=" + max_id;

  var options =
        "method": "get",

  try {
    var result = UrlFetchApp.fetch(search, options);
  catch(e) {

  if (result.getResponseCode() === 200) {

    var data = JSON.parse(result.getContentText());

    if (data) {
      Logger.log("Fetched " + data.length + " tweets.");
      return data;



function destroyTweet(tweet_id) {

  var options =
        "method": "POST",

  var destroy = "" + tweet_id + ".json";

  try {
    var result = UrlFetchApp.fetch(destroy, options);
  catch (e) {

function oAuth() {

  var oauthConfig = UrlFetchApp.addOAuthService("twitter");

  //////////////////////////SET YOUR TWITTER API KEY AND SECRET HERE
  oauthConfig.setConsumerKey("TWITTER API KEY");
  oauthConfig.setConsumerSecret("TWITTER API SECRET");

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Published in: Google Apps Script - Twitter

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