Singapore Blogger Wendy Cheng of Xiaxue vs Labnol


Rahul Razdan compares my blog with that of Wendy Cheng, unarguably the most popular face in the Singapore blogging circles. 

If Labnol is a one-man publishing company, Xiaxue is a one-woman entertainment company!

The challenge that both face is that the growth of their business (sounds interesting, right?) can be either through (a) multifold increase of visitations (demand) on the existing content being generated (supply) or (b) increase of content - depth or breadth to increase the catchment group to include newer audience segments.

While (a) is the easier option for both, it is a variable both of them do not have much influence over (beyond their current efforts) - (b) can be much easier for Labnol as some of the content could be out-sourced to meet the demand pattern. For Xiaxue it will be tough to generate content other than what she herself experiences.

Rahul concludes - there is no easy resting-on-your-bums way to make money from your blog. Both these cases highlight that either you possess the natural flair of a Xiaxue, or be willing to put in the hard-work that goes into Labnol. This is not to suggest that hard work doesn’t go into Xiaxue!

Jammy, the most humorous blogger, also steps in:

One local, other phoren
One guy, other girl
One technology, other pure fun
One colorless, other colorful
One search-driven, other community driver

One being Labnol & the other being Xiaxue…

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