An SEO Guide for Bing

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While Bing and other non-Google search engines do have a decent market share now, most websites still tend to get a majority of referral traffic from Google alone. Would you like to improve that?

The Bing Webmaster team has written a detailed guide on what you should do and what you should not do to get your site ranked in Bing. Excerpts:

1. Each <title> should be short, about 65 characters, and unique to the page. Include the keyword you’re targeting for that page near the beginning of the title. The <meta description> tag can be longer and should also contain the keyword or phrase you’re targeting.

2. HTML sitemaps ensure a good user experience and help search engines discover all your pages and content.

3. Plan your approach to social carefully and execute consistently. Build your presence so that followers see you as an authority and a resource.

Both Google and Bing use ‘social’ as a signal in search rankings and it may thus not be a good idea to ignore Twitter, Facebook and Google+ anymore.

Published in: bing - SEO

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