Easily Switch Between Different Web Browsers

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 21, 2012
Choose Web Browser
Switch Web Browsers Easily

Have you installed multiple web browsers on your system. Would you like to have the ability to control which link opens in which web browser without changing the default browser?

Here are some utilities for Mac and Windows that will help you open web page links in any of the installed browsers:

1. Choose Wisely – This is a free utility for Mac that pops up a browser selection window when you click hyperlinks in non-browser environments like your desktop email client, IMs, etc.

2. Browser Chooser – This is a similar utility but for Windows users. Browser Chooser acts like a virtual browser – any link that you click inside a desktop application will open in Browser Choose which it will then redirect to the appropriate browser as per your choice.

Multiple web browsers are useful when you are a web developer or when you need to access sites that are incompatible with your favorite browser.

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