Prevent InstallShield agent.exe From Connecting to the Internet

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Error: “Agent.exe is trying to access the Internet” - Is it spyware or a safe file ?

InstallShield Update Service Agent agent.exe is a Windows Process from Macrovision Software Manager Agent that connects to the Internet in the background for checking updates to your software like DragonNaturally Speaking, Roxio, Corel Draw, Articulate, Acronis and others that use FLEXnet Connect service.

agent.exe resides in C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Update Service and is a very safe process - Software vendors purchase the Update Service from InstallShield, as a tool to deliver updates to you.

But if you don’t want the Software Manager to access the internet for checking updates, here’s how you can block agent.exe:

1. Open Control panel and double click the Software Manager icon.

2. Goto settings, click the the name of any software from the list and select “Check for updates manually” - Do an apply all.

You can also use Firewalls like ZoneAlarm or Comodo to block agent.exe or completly uninstall the Update Manager but that’s not a recommended approach.

Published in: firewall

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