Logitech MX Revolution Mouse with Windows Problem

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 20, 2012

If you are using the Logitech MX Revolution or VX Revolution on Windows Vista with the Bluetooth dongle receiver, you may face a few erratic cursor movements after you install the latest SetPoint 4.4 software.

The pointer may jump to some abrupt location on the screen or may not move smoothly. This problem generally appears in Windows Vista and not XP (personal experience).

To solve this mouse pointer issue associated with Logitech Mice, go to the start menu and open the Reconnect Utility from the Logitech Programs folder.

Switch ON the connect button at the bottom of your MX revolution mouse, hold the left mouse button for 5 seconds and flip. Now hold the right button for another 5 seconds.

This should fix your mouse pointer related issues in Logitech MX/VX revolution.

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