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Clip To OneNote is a free Firefox add-on that lets you send complete web pages or clip snippets from Firefox to OneNote with a simple right click (see screenshot).

Though the Clip To OneNote extension was written for Microsoft OneNote 2003 and Firefox 1.5, it still works perfect with the newer versions of Firefox (2, 3) and OneNote 2007 but installation is a bit tricky.

Here’s how to install the Clip To OneNote extension in Firefox 3:

firefox-extension-install 1. Type about:config in your Firefox Address bar and click the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.

2. Right-click and select New -> Boolean. Give a name extensions.checkCompatibility and set the value as false.

3. Create another new boolean pair with the name as extensions.checkUpdateSecurity and value as false.


4. Restart Firefox and install clipnote.xpi - if Firefox shows a working, click Allow Access.

Updated: The above steps are not required - get this updated Send to OneNote for Firefox 3

5. Go Tools -> Add-ons and open the Option dialog for Clip to OneNote. Browse for the folder that contains your OneNote.exe file. Click OK and you are done.


Published in: Mozilla Firefox - onenote

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