Find Files More Easily with Windows Explorer

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 24, 2010

windows explorerWindows Explorer in Windows 7 and Vista makes it very easy for you to manage large folders that have hundreds of files and sub-folders (e.g. Program Files or the Windows installation folder).

Earlier, if you were to hunt for files that end with a .log extension or are larger than 2 MB, Windows search was the only option but things get much simple in Vista Explorer.

Just navigate to the relevant folder in Windows Explorer, click the drop-down next to the name tab and choose “Stack by Name”.

windows explorer

This will immediately group the files by name and it will become relatively easy for you to reach the relevant files.

You can apply similar search filters to group files by size or by file type (extension).

size file-type

Internally, this is also using the built-in Windows Desktop Search but the implementation is visual and very efficient.

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