Default Print Margin in Word Documents and our Environment

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When you create a new document inside Microsoft Word 2007 using the default settings, the page margins are set to 1” indicating the non-printable space around the edges of the page. In case of Word 2003, the default print margins are higher by a quarter-inch.

A study indicates that decreasing this default print margin width in Word from 1.25 inches to 0.75 inch would result in average paper savings of 4.75 percent. And you just don’t save on paper but also trees and money.

As most Microsoft Office users are less likely to fiddle with the “factory defaults,” actress Tamara Krinsky has launched an online campaign called “Change the Margins” that will urge Microsoft to reduce the default printing margins from 1” to .75” so that Word becomes a more environment-friendly software. Her mantra:

Narrower margin settings = more text/page = less paper used. from Tamara Krinsky via Washington Post

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Published in: Microsoft Word - Print

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