When Did You Last Turn On The Computer? Know The Exact Time

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 26, 2008

system-running-timeMost office employees do not shut down computers at night – they just lock the workstations and switch off the monitor but that doesn’t stop the computers from consuming power.

According to estimates, 30% of all office PCs in the US are left on all night while 18% of office workers in UK admit that they have never switched off computers over night or at weekends.

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So do you remember the exact date or time when you last switched on the computer ? Here’s a simple DOS command to help you out:

systeminfo | find /i “boot time”

This will show the time when you last rebooted the computer.

systeminfoSubtract that from the current date-time to know for how long you have been running the computer.

windows-task-manager Alternative, you could start Windows Task Manager (Alt+Ctrl+Del), switch to the Performance tab and you should see a field that says “Up Time” – that’s even more convenient but some computers have Task managers disabled.

Bonus Tip: Run systeminfo | find /i “install date” to know the date when your installed Windows on the PC.

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