Clone Your Computer on a USB Drive - Why Carry That Heavy Laptop

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take your computer on a USB driveIf you are working across multiple computers that are not connected to each other, you probably use the good old USB drive (or external hard drive) to store and carry your Office documents, Photoshop drawings, personal pictures and other multimedia files.

Perfect. Now imagine a situation where you have all required data on the USB drive but the computer you are currently working on (say in the cyber café or a friend’s place) doesn’t have the necessary software programs that are required to view or edit those files.

That computer neither has Microsoft Office for creating PowerPoint presentations or Excel sheets, nor Photoshop and AutoCAD for you to edit those important CAD drawings. Even the media player is missing so you cannot watch your personal video and music collection that you have been carrying in the pocket.

What if you could carry all your favorite software applications (and their settings), Office files, emails and everything else with you on a portable drive? You just plug-in that drive into the USB port of any computer and start working as if that was your own PC.

Well, your dreams can come true with Mojopac from Ringcube - an absolutely brilliant tool that very-easily clones your existing computing environment onto any USB Drive. And if you have an iPod or a USB based cell phone or Digital Camera, Mojopac will work just fine so you have one less device to carry.

To get started, you connect the USB drive to the main computer (that has the stuff you need most) and install the free Mojopac software. What you then see is a fresh Windows XP environment without any software. Now install all the applications (and even games) that you want to carry around – they are not installed on your computer but on the USB drive.

Once you are done, eject the USB drive and plug into any Windows computer.  All those programs and documents can now run off the USB drive. Mojopac will also save your application settings and software preferences as you move around computers.

Mojopac uses the resources of the host computer but runs entirely on the USB drive without modifying anything on the host. Once you eject the USB device out of the friend’s computer, there are no traces left – not even your web browsing history. Nothing less than magic.

Mojopac Freedom | Mojopac Video Demo

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Published in: iPod - usb

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