Turn your Computer Screen Upside Down

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 21, 2010

Turning the computer display upside-down has quite a few legit uses, on wall mounted LCDs for example, but you may also use this as a office prank on some unsuspecting colleague.

**Update: Some users have had problems (see comments) after using the shortcut so please ignore this article. Sorry for the trouble.

So if you have a Windows PC with an Intel chipset, press CTRL+ALT+Down Key to turn the display upside down. Pressing the combination again restores the display.

You may also try the left or right arrow keys to rotate the screen 90 ° in either direction.

This trick only works if you an Intel Graphic driver as suggested by people on Twitter. [via]

Also check out another scary keyboard shortcut – Alt + Shift + Print.

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