Do Language Translation inside any Windows Software

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 22, 2012
google language translation

You can easily add language translation capability to your web browser with the help of extensions but what about the other desktop apps – like the Office suite, the desktop email program or your instant messenger – that you again use very frequently.

If you are looking to integrate Google Translate in Windows such that you can translate text from one language to another inside any software program, check out Trasmiti.

Transmiti sits quietly in your Windows system tray – select some text inside any program, press the hotkey (the default is the Windows key but you can change that) and, within seconds, you’ll see the translated version of that text on your screen.

Internally, the service uses Google Translate and thus it can be used to translate text across all languages that are supported by Google including the Indian languages.

The app is and also portable so you can use it without installation. See the other options for translating Outlook emails and Word documents.

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