A Better Way to Share Web Pages by Email

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 2, 2014

When you include an hyperlink in your email message, the recipients will have no idea where that link is pointing to unless they actually click on it.

Clip Better offers a better approach that your email recipients will appreciate as well since it removes the guess work.

Use the Clip button to create a visual preview of the current page.
Use the Clip button to create a visual preview of the current page.
This is how the link will appear in the recipient's inbox.
This is how the link will appear in the recipient’s inbox.

Stop Emailing URLs, Embed Link Previews

Instead of putting raw URLs in your email messages that don’t convey anything, you can use Clip Better to effortlessly create a visual snippet of the page and send it through Gmail or any other mail client that supports HTML Mail.

The tool, possibly using Open Graph tags, will extract the page title, meta description and a thumbnail image and then puts everything into the clipboard as a neatly-formatting block which you can paste into your mail program or even your word processor.

Clip Better is available as a Google Chrome extension, as a bookmarklet and also an iPhone app. Alternatively, if you are on an unsupported platform, you can email one or more links to clipme@clipbetter.com and the service will send you the corresponding previews in rich text.

The tool is useful though it does insert some of its own branding in the link previews. You can however select and delete the branding easily if you wish to.

Available at clipbetter.com. See my other favorite Google Chrome extensions.

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