Send a Web Page via Email as a PDF Attachment

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 23, 2011

email-webpages-pdf PDF Download is an all-in-one PDF toolkit for Firefox that just got even better.

It features a new “web to PDF” feature that enables you to send a web page as email attachment in PDF format. Alternatively, you can save the web page as PDF to your local drive.

Unlike other desktop based PDF writers, PDF Download will convert web pages to PDF online so you need not wait for the conversion to finish. The PDF will arrive in your inbox as soon as the conversion is complete.


There are no ads anywhere in the PDF file and conversion is more or less perfect. If you frequently send web pages to your own email account for reading later, you will find PDF Download particularly useful as it will send a copy in a single click without prompting your for an email address.

The PDF files may be printed in either Portrait or Landscape mode. The same add-in can also be used for converting web PDF files to HTML pages. Get it from

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