Easily Transfer Web Pages and Documents to your Kindle

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Let’s say there’s an interesting article on the web that you would like to read on your Amazon Kindle while on your way back home. Or maybe you have a couple of PDF eBooks on your desktop that you want to transfer to your Kindle. How do you initiate the transfer wirelessly?

You can either use bookmarklets to send web pages to your Kindle or email the documents as attachments to your @kindle.com address. However, a more convenient option is the Send to Kindle app from Amazon.com – this app has been available for Windows PCs for quite some time now and today, Amazon released a Mac version as well.

Send To Kindle

Send Web Pages and Documents to Kindle

Send to Kindle installs as a virtual printer on your Windows or Mac and you transfer any web page to your Kindle by simple printing that page using the Kindle printer. The app turns the web page into a PDF and sends it to your Kindle.

Alternatively, if you want to transfer documents to the Kindle, you can select the documents in Windows Explorer (or Finder on the Mac) and choose “Send to Kindle” from the contextual menu. The app can transfer PDFs, images, Word documents and text files.

The same Send to Kindle app can also be used for transferring documents from the desktop to the Kindle app on your Android and iPhone / iPad devices. A must-have for Kindle users.

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Published in: Amazon Kindle

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