Scan Your Computer for any Outdated Software with CNET's TechTracker

TechTracker is a new service from CNET that scans your computer’s hard-drive for any outdated software programs and will alert you as soon as new updates are available for download.

cnet software tracker

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The TechTracker app scans your installed software and then retrieves the version information provided in the executable files that come with these applications. It then compares this data with their own database of software products to see if there’s any version mismatch.

If there’s a new version available for your software, you can download it directly from the website or click the “more info” link to view user ratings and other details of that software program before downloading.


CNET’s TechTracker is available for all versions of Windows and a Mac version is in the pipeline. You may either use Facebook Connect or create a free account at to use the TechTracker service.

With TechTracker, you can also set up an email alerts for all your software programs so you’ll get an email as soon as a new version is released by the software developers without having to wait for the software scanner to inform you.

VersionTracker is another popular service that offers similar features and the very interesting part is that both these services are owned by CNET / CBS Networks.

The difference is that TechTracker is a free product and limited to software applications only while VersionTracker will scan software as well as hardware drivers though it costs money. Going forward, I think CNET will also release a pro version of the TechTracker application that will have all the features of VersionTracker and possibly some more.

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal

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