Tips: How to Find Missing Items Quickly

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 17, 2010

locate lost itemsThis is not about locating misplaced files on your computer but about finding real objects like the TV remote, the car keys or your pair of spectacles that you placed somewhere but can’t recollect the location now.

According to Professor Solomon, who calls himself an expert at finding lost objects, missing items can be successfully located if the search is conducted systematically and with a cool mind.

“It is possible to look directly at a missing object and not see it. This is due to the agitated state of mind that often accompanies a misplacement. Go back and look again. It may be staring you in the face.”

There’s a book with the same title – “How to Find Lost Objects” – that illustrates some simple yet effective techniquest to help you locate lost and misplaced objects.

This book was earlier sold for $7 but the author recently released it as a free PDF e-book [5MB] that you can download or read online.

Also, if you don’t want to read that 122 page PDF book, check the same 12 principles illustrated as a video.

Video: How to Find Lost Objects

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