Microsoft OneNote – Note Taking Software

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 4, 2007

CNN – Some call this 4-year-old application (micosoft onenote), updated last year to the 2007 edition, one of Microsoft’s best-kept secrets. Though bundled with some versions of the software giant’s Office suite, the note-taking software has gotten little attention outside a dedicated core of fans and Tablet PC owners.

The software makes it easy to collect information from just about anywhere and store it in one place, organized by, say, college course, topic or project. Users can clip Web pages, screenshots, photos and computer files along with typed or handwritten notes on a tablet PC or some pen-based device.

One of OneNote’s biggest features is the ability to record audio while you’re writing. The software keeps track of what you were jotting down at any point 14 the recording.

This is useful for everything from business lectures to interviews — if you can’t keep up with some of the faster-paced portions of meetings, you can jot down their main points and go over the details later. Link.

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