Copy iTunes Songs & Music Videos from one Computer to another

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 1, 2008

You have installed iTunes on one computer and downloads hundreds of songs, movies and music videos from the Internet using the Apple Store.

Now you want to upgrade from a laptop to a Dell Desktop and plan to transfer all that large iTunes collection to that new computer. How would you do the transfer ? Kim offers some easy advice:

“First, deauthorize iTunes on your old computer. Click Store, then Deauthorize. Next, authorize iTunes on your new computer. Click Store, then Authorize. Enter your Apple ID and password.

To transfer the music, use an external hard drive or flash drive. Plug it into the old computer. Create a folder on the drive. Drag the music files to the folder. Plug the drive into your new laptop. Open iTunes. Open the folder containing the music. Drag the music into the iTunes library. Once the music appears, you should be able to play it.” Link.

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