Comparing Newsgator FeedDemon with Google Readers

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 24, 2007

The blog world is a fan of Google Reader but maybe they have never tried FeedDemon. I have tried Google Reader over a dozen times but find little reasons to continue that web app over the tried and tested FeedDemon. The latest version 2.5 adds a link blog which is much like the shared items of Google Reader but inside a desktop app.

Another FeedDemon fan, Chris, voices a similar opinion.

Google Reader was getting all the press, seemed to be on a roll, and had some features I liked.  But after dealing with some frustration in Google Reader today when I went looking for my friend FeedDemon to get the job done – I had uninstalled it.

With Google Reader I found myself installing GreaseMonkey scripts over and over to force Reader to work the way I wanted, or add a feature that should be in there anyway – I shouldn’t need to hack a Google application to add search capabilities. Link

Agree, the Newsgator Online AJAX edition needs some work but FeedDemon absolutely rocks.

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