Organize Firefox Tabs as the Folder tree in Windows Explorer

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Are you are power Firefox user and simultaneously work with a few dozen tabs? Or are you using Firefox on a small screen laptop (“netbook”) and need some extra viewing space for web pages?

Then watch this 1 minute long screencast video to understand how the very-impressive Tree Tabs add-on can help you in both the above situations.

The tabs in your Firefox browser are arranged below the address bar as a long horizontal strip - Tree Tabs takes that strip from the top and arranges it as a vertical pile that you may display either towards the left or the right of your computer screen.

Let’s say you are and open a few pages from the search results. Now all these pages will appear under the child node of (makes sense as they are logically related to the parent) - you can collapse the main site and all these child nodes will hide as well. Or you can close all of them in one go by close the Google tab.

The other advantage is that you save lot of screen space. The stack appears on the side, like the built-in Firefox sidebar, and you can even set it to auto-hide for more viewing space.

The Tree Tabs view in Firefox may initially appear a bit confusing, but the more time you spend with it, the more you’ll love it.

Published in: Mozilla Firefox

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