Memorize Text Notes – One Word At a Time

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 20, 2012
memorize text

A Tachistoscope can display information (like text, images, etc) before your eyes for a very small amount of time (few milliseconds) to help you memorize stuff and also improve reading speed.

“By quickly viewing a series of words, the brain is conditioned to recognize words very rapidly, and because successive words are displayed in the same place the eyes do not have to move and refocus, saving even more time.”

Inspired by the Tachistoscope device, Dean has created a text based tachistoscope software that can help you memorize speeches and lecture notes more quickly.

Put the information you want to memorize in a text file and play that file through Swiftword at progressively faster speeds. “Eventually, your subconscious begins to anticipate the next word before it is even delivered as your memory begins to retain the information.”

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