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If you aren’t too happy with the ringtones available on your mobile phone and want a tone that sounds pleasing and is unique, here’s an idea – create (or rather generate) a composition on your own with WolframTones.

Create Ringtons for Cell Phone

Wolfram Tones is an online sound generator that can help you create 100% original patterns of music that you can download to your cell phone and use as a ringtone. You’ll get a different tone every time you press the composition button.

The generated tones are generally shorter than traditional music and, when you install one as a ringtone, your phone will automatically repeat it. The default duration of a ringtone is 30 seconds but you can easily increase it to 300 seconds.

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Using Wolfram is simple. Just select a genre or style of music for the ring tone (like Rock, Jazz, Classical, etc.) and the program will generate a completely random but pleasing tone. You can even specify how various musical instruments should be used to render the composition.

When you are done, you can either download the MIDI ringtone to your computer or you can send it directly to your cell phone via SMS as a ringtone attachment. If you have trouble using the Wolfram tones generator in your browser, make sure that the QuickTime plug-in is enabled – the program doesn’t require Adobe Flash.

Other than cell phone ringtones, you may also use the tool to generate background music for using in, say, your screencast videos.

Published in: ringtones - Wolfram Alpha

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