New Screencasting App for Mac Creates Animated GIFs too

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Screencasting App for Mac

A bunch of Mac developers have teamed up to create QuickCast, a screencasting app for your Mac OS X that not only records screencasts but will also host your screencast videos online with the click of a button.

QuickCast has all the features that you would want in a basic screencasting tool plus a few more - you can record the entire desktop screen or a custom area, it can record audio from an external microphone or the built-in audio, you can turn on the web cam and also include yourself in the screencast for Picture-in-Picture effect.

Your screencast recordings have to be under 3 minutes. Once you stop the recording, the keyboard shortcut is Contrl-Option-Command Q, your video is saved on the local disc in the popular MP4 format and also uploaded to the QuickCast website for the world to see.

The QuickCast website streams your screencast videos in both MP4 and Webm formats that are natively supported by all modern browsers without requiring the Flash Player plugin.

Screencast Video Description You can write the screencast video description in Markdown format

QuickCast doesn’t include any editing features but it does let you easily add an intro and outro card as shown in this sample video. Also, you can write the description of your screencast using Markdown tags at the time of publishing the video.

One more thing. QuickCast can simultaneously create animated GIFs from your screencast videos provided the recording time doesn’t exceed 10 seconds and that that height or width of the recorded area is under 300 pixels.

QuickCast is available as a free download and the source code is up for grabs at

Published in: Apple Mac - GIF - Screencasting

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