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In Photoshop, Ctrl+C will copy that selected portion of the image to the clipboard while Ctrl+V will paste the clipboard content into your existing drawing but do you remember the shortcut key that will merge a copy of all the visible layers into the target layer? Well, that’s Control + Shift + Alt + E for PC or Command + Shift + Option + E if you use a Mac.

You can do things pretty fast in Photoshop and other Adobe applications if you know the right keyboard shortcuts but the only problem is that there are just too many key combinations to remember.

Need help remembering shortcuts?

If you are finding it very hard to memorize that large number shortcuts, here’s some help. Adobe has just released a nice AIR App that includes a searchable database of all Adobe software that are part of the Adobe Creative Suite.

adobe keyboard shortcuts

Called Adobe Shortcut App, this utility lets you browse through a long list of shortcuts that may be available for the program you are using or you can find specific shortcuts by typing a few characters of the command.

There’s also an option to save shortcuts to your favorites list so if you use a command very frequently, there’s little need for you to search the corresponding shortcut key again.

The app also has links to cheat sheets for all Adobe applications that you may download to your local hard drive as PDF files for printing.

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Published in: adobe - keyboard shortcuts

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