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When you create a Google Account, you automatically get access to web-based office apps, email, calendar, file storage, tasks list and instant messaging but one piece that’s still missing from the Google cloud is “project management.”

Even Google Apps, a service that is so popular among businesses, doesn’t have any project management related features to help teams plan and coordinate better. Some people use spreadsheets in Google Docs and Gmail for co-ordinating tasks but isn’t that complicated.

If you are a Gmail or Google Apps user and are looking for an online project management app that can integrate with your other Google services (mainly Google Docs and Google Calendar), Manymoon could be a good choice.

Getting started is easy. You can sign-up using your standard Gmail Account or Google Apps account. Then create a project and add users to the project by manually entering their email addresses or you can even import contacts directly from your Google Apps, Outlook, LinkedIn, or Yahoo accounts.Once your project is setup, you can add tasks and assign them to yourself or other team members. You can attach existing Google documents to individual tasks or upload new files from your desktop into Manymoon and the service will automatically save a copy of these files into your Google Docs account.

Similarly, once you associate your Google Calendar with your project, all events, pending tasks and project milestones that you create inside Manymoon will automatically show up in your Google Calendar. You can then view your project calendar from within the Manymoon project or the regular Google Calendar interface.

Manymoon also offers time-sheets to help project teams track the time team members spent on tasks and other project items.

The basic version of Manymoon is free and still offers unlimited users and projects but you only get 5MB space for storing files and one project calendar. If you are a Google Apps Premier user, you can get up to 1 GB of storage space for free.

Though the programs lacks some advanced features (Gantt Charts and Invoicing for example), what I really liked about Manymoon is the uncluttered interface and every feature that’s there just works as you would expect.

Zoho Projects is another useful web-based project management software that, like Manymoon, also integrates well with Google Apps.

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