Must-have Extensions for Google Chrome

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 9, 2014
Chrome extensions

Here’s a comprehensive list of the best extensions for Google Chrome that will help you do more and also enhance your web browsing experience.

The Best Google Chrome extensions

  1. Vimium — Power users can browse the web using keyboard shortcuts. No mouse required.
  2. Buffer — Share links to multiple social websites with a go.
  3. PushBullet — Send web links, text notes and even push files from computer to your phone.
  4. Clip Better — Don’t send raw links over email, send previews that suggest what a link is all about.
  5. Streamus — A YouTube music play for Chrome that also includes a radio.
  6. Mighty Text — Send and receive SMS text messages from your desktop computer.
  7. Snappy Snippets — Easily extract CSS and HTML from a web page and send it to CodePen or jsFiddle.
  8. Project Naptha — Copy text from any image with a right-click. It’s like an OCR for Chrome.
  9. Hover Reader — Read an article simply by hovering over a link.
  10. Bubble Cursor — Easily click links on web pages or type text in input boxes.
  11. Dewey — Improved bookmarks manager for Chrome with website thumbnails and instant search.
  12. dotEPUB — Convert web pages and documents to EPUB ebooks that you can read offline on your Kindle or iPad.
  13. YouTube Feed — Get notified when new videos are available in your YouTube subscriptions list.
  14. Boomerang — You can write an email in Gmail now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time.
  15. Hola — Unblock websites and access content, including videos, that aren’t available in your country.
  16. YT Options — Improves your YouTube experience and hides all the annoying parts.
  17. TextDown — A well designed Markdown text editor for Chrome.
  18. WriteBox — A minimal text editor for Chrome that also sync with Dropbox and Google Drive.
  19. Font Previewer — Preview and test any of the Google Web fonts on your website.
  20. SpeakIt — Select some text on a web page and the add-on will read it for you.
  21. Remote Desktop — Access other computers or allow another user to access your computer securely over the Internet.
  22. Extensions Manager — Easily manage your installed extensions, applications and themes from the Chrome toolbar.
  23. StayFocusd — Lets you restrict the amount of time you spend on time-wasting websites.
  24. Feeder — A mini RSS reader that sites in the toolbar of your Chrome.
  25. Page Monitor — Runs in the background and monitor web pages for changes.
  26. OneTab — Make your Chrome run faster by suspending tabs and restore them all with a click.
  27. Clipular — Screen capture anything you see on the web with a click.
  28. Time Warp — Focus on your work and avoid the distracting websites.
  29. MakeGIF — This is the easiest way to save a YouTub video as a GIF file.
  30. CleanPrint — Print web pages without the clutter or save them as PDFs
  31. Quick Source — View the source code of any web page, deobfuscated and beautified.
  32. SpellBook — It collects all your bookmarklets and puts them in the contextual menu.
  33. GIF Scrubber — This adds movie player like controls to animated GIFs on the web.
  34. Push to Kindle — Delivers any web content to your Kindle or the Kindle Reading Apps.
  35. KeyRocket — Learn and master the various keyboard shortcuts available in Gmail.
  36. Hover Zoom — Hover your mouse over an image to see the full-sized version in an overlay window.
  37. Input Tools — Write text in your own language using virtual keyboards and transliteration.
  38. ShortenMe — This lets you to easily shorten links with and generate QR codes.
  39. Chime — Unified desktop notifications for Gmail and all your social networks.
  40. NiftySplit — Split Chrome in two windows. Click a link in the left window and it opens in the right one.
  41. WhatFont — Identify the name of the fonts used in a web page with a click.
  42. StyleBot — You can manipulate the appearance of websites and the changes are permanently preserved.
  43. Panic Button — Quickly hide all the open tabs and replace them with a work related website.
  44. iReader — Read long web pages like a novel in a clutter-free environment.
  45. Image Properties — View camera details, GPS location and other information about any photograph.
  46. Tab Outliner — See all your open tabs and Chrome windows in a vertical hierarchical tree.
  47. RSS Subscription — Subscribe to RSS feeds in your favorite news reader with a click.
  48. URL Expander — The add-on will auto-expand all short URLs found on a web page.
  49. Text Mode — Browse the web in black and white in pure text without images and other media.
  50. Twipster — It makes the Twitter website clean and more readable.
  51. Better History — A better history viewer for your Chrome.
  52. History Timeline — A better way to visualize your browsing history in Chrome with pictures.
  53. Clearly — Read web pages in a distraction free environment.
  54. Stylish — Completely change the look of your favorite websites.
  55. PageRank — Find the Google PageRank and other SEO related information of a page.
  56. Fatkum — Download images in bulk from any website including Flickr and Google Images.
  57. Google Dictionary — View word meanings without leaving the current page.
  58. in10search — Search for content across all open tabs in Chrome.
  59. Page Archiver — Save the entire web page to your desktop including the images, CSS and JavaScript.
  60. Holmes — Search your bookmarks from the omni bar of Chrome.
  61. Nimbus Screenshot — Capture and annotate web pages inside your Chrome browser.
  62. AutoPagerize — Easily read paginated web pages without clicking.
  63. Readability — Send web pages to your Kindle for reading later in a clutter free environment.
  64. Save to Google Drive — Save web files to your Google Drive with a click.
  65. Looper — Watch your favorite YouTube videos in a continuous loop.
  66. Personal Blocklist — Block one or more useless websites from appearing in your Google search results.
  67. Swift Preview — Don’t open a new tab. Preview links before clicking in the same window.
  68. FastBrowz — Preview links on Reddit and Hacker news without leaving the front page.
  69. Share Extensions — Generate and share a list of extensions installed in your Chrome browser.
  70. Chrome to Mobile — Push web pages from the desktop to your mobile or tablet for offline reading.
  71. Dead Mouse — You can open links on a web page with your keyboard without ever touching the mouse.
  72. Google Site Search — Quickly search pages on the website that you are currently browsing.
  73. YouTube Ratings — See the proportion of likes and dislikes of any video on the YouTube website.
  74. Similar Pages — Find more websites that are similar to the one you are currently looking at.
  75. Search by Image — Find other images on the web that are similar to one picture.
  76. Source Locator — Locate the folder where the source code of any Chrome add-on is unpacked.
  77. YouTube Thumbs — See a short preview of the YouTube video without even opening the watch page.
  78. Send from Gmail — Send the current web page by Gmail with a click. Works for both Gmail and Google Apps accounts.
  79. Chrome Access — The add-on provides quick access all the ‘about:’ and ‘chrome://’ internal pages of Chrome.
  80. Disconnect Me — Prevent online advertisers and search engines from tracking you on the web.
  81. Web Timer — Keep track of how you spend your time on the Internet.
  82. Strict Workflow — Block time-wasting websites temporarily and focus on your work.
  83. Window Resizer — Automatically resize your Chrome browser window to any screen resolution.

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