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The new version of Adobe Captivate 3 will be available for download in August 2007. Sorry, no mac version again but Adobe Captivate 3 is available for Windows XP/ 2000 / Vista and supports Powerpoint Office 2007 slide animations.

When compared with Adobe Captivate 2 that had Flash Video, Adobe Captivate 3 includes enhanced screen capture, a real-time recording mode for quick-and-dirty demos, audio recording with preview, improved learning management system (LMS) integration, multimode recording for software simulations; question randomizing, question pooling, and answer shuffling for quizzes and image hot spots.

Adobe Captivate 3 software can now be used as a complete podcasting software with support for closed captioning. Adobe Captivate 3 also offers  new Microsoft Powerpoint importer, support for .SWF, MP3, and AVI files.

The enhanced Microsoft PowerPoint import functionality supports the conversion of slide animations into Flash Player compatible SWF format and allows authors to create interactive presentations incorporating audio and video. Support for MP3, AVI, FLA and FLV files, as well as new visual effects — such as rollover objects and animated slide transitions — add impact to demonstrations and materials.

Adobe Captivate 3 software automatically generates interactive Adobe Flash Player-compatible content, allowing files to be e-mailed, posted to Web sites, intranet sites, online help systems and more. The new XML export and import feature simplifies the localization process of projects by exporting captions to the XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF).

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