Announcing Winners of Screencasting Software Give Away!


download allcapture Thank you for the overwhelming response to our screencasting software give away contest - deciding the winning entries among the 107 responses was no easy job.

Here’s the final list of five winners in no particular order - each of them gets a full licensed version of ALLCapture 2.0 screencasting software from Balesio.

Thanks for your participation. Stay tuned for more such contests in the near future.

Ike Pigott - “I am in the process of developing an internal training program to teach Red Cross staff and volunteers across the country how to operate Online Disaster Newsrooms which are powered by blogging engines. The ability to capture realtime screen information will be a huge boon to making the training more interactive and standardized.”

Brad Linder - “I would love to do more screencasts showing how to use new software and websites for Download Squad, but I’ve found my current tools a bit limiting. CamStudio still doesn’t work very well on Vista, and Screencast-o-matic captures video in extraordinarily low framerates.”

Alex Klein - ”I am at college right now and the rest of my family (mom, dad, little brother and little sister) are back at home. They are technologically illiterate and always call asking for help with the same basic computer functions. If I were able to record a tutorial they could watch instead of calling me, it would save me a lot of time. Then I’d do better in my classes and be one step closer to curing cancer!”

Bill Dotson - “I have recently retired from public education where, as Instructional Technology Coordinator, I developed training materials for teachers. I now teach a class at the local college but had to give back all the good software and hardware I had used before. I still want to develop tutorials and make them available to others but have no good software to use now. This program will help me continue providing valuable online assistance to my college students and my community.”

Greg Hughes - “I’d use this software for my weblog to educate readers about how to do things on their computers, typically things that are not explained elsewhere. For example, the other day I wrote about a problem with the Internet time servers Microsoft uses as the Windows default being broken. Rather than (or perhaps in addition to) describing how to check and fix the problem in prose, it would have been great to do an “IT-TV” show with narration and get the point across in a more powerful and easier to understand way.”

Winners - Your software license keys for ALLCapture should be in your Inbox now.

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