Convert PDF Files to HTML Web Pages with Quick PDF – For Windows Only

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 25, 2008

If you like to read PDF documents on a mobile device or some e-book reader that doesn’t include native support for PDF format, the "Convert PDF to HTML" (yes, that’s the full name) utility from Quick PDF will come handy.

To download this $50 Windows-only freebie, quickly jump to as the giveaway will end in another hour or so.

convert pdf
Convert PDF to HTML Dialog Box – No Batch Support

There are tons of other options for converting PDF documents online but this software may be useful if you like to perform the conversion offline – much faster and you don’t have to upload or download any files.

In case you miss the deadline check this guide on how to convert PDF to HTML with Gmail. The difference is that Gmail will only convert PDF to Text while the above utility will extract both text and images from the PDF.

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