The Websites You Visit Can Reveal Your Gender

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If you know the full name of a person, you can determine gender using any image search engine but in cases where you have no clue about the name but have access to his or her computer, this tool may help.

It will guess the gender of a person by analyzing the web browsing history available in either IE or Firefox.

The logic behind the tool is simple but intelligent. It creates a local list of websites that have been accessed from the computer and then determines gender based on male to female ratio of uses on these sites.

The men-women ratio related data is provided by Quantcast while the script Social History helps the tool access web history on the local computer.

Talking of genders, there’s another tool called Gender Analyser that analyzes the content of a website to determine gender of the person who is writing that site. Not very accurate but close. Thanks ProgrammableWeb.

Published in: history

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