Why Is IE Saving Web Images as Untitled.bmp

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 18, 2007

Question: You right click an image on Flickr to save it locally – the file is in JPG format but your Internet Explorer (or Maxthon) browser won’t let you save it as jpeg, it only allows saving images as bitmaps and the name given to the image file is “Untitled”

Answer: You can tackle this problem in two ways.

1. Empty your browser cache (delete the Temporary Internet Files folder) or increase the size of your cache. [Tools -> Internet Options -> Browsing History]

2. Some of you may right click and copy the image address and then paste it inside another web browser or your favorite download manager. There’s a simple option. Just hold the mouse over the image and drag it your desktop. Simple.

Internet Explorer Saves in BMP, Not JPG

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