The Best Keyboard Shortcut in Firefox - Type Web Addresses Quickly

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Download FirefoxIf you haven’t upgrade to Firefox 3 yet, please do so. The new version is far more responsive and stable that its predecessors.

Another reason for loving Firefox 3 is the way it auto-completes web URLs - very intelligent and something you’ll miss in IE. Update: Firefox 2 users share that this works in the previous version as well.

To get started, press Alt+D or Ctrl+L to move the cursor to your Firefox browser address bar and then try some of these combinations:

To open Google Maps website, type “google/maps” in the Firefox address bar (no quotes) and press Ctrl+Enter. And for your Google AdSense page, type “google/adsense” followed by Ctrl+Enter.

Firefox will automatically surround the word(s) that are before the first slash with www. and .com. IE 7 and previous version of Firefox can’t do this.

And this URL auto-complete works even if you have several subdirectories in the URL. For instance, your Google Apps sign-in page will open correctly if you type “google/a/” and press Ctrl+Enter.

If you want to open a .org site, you need to use Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Typing labnol/forums followed by Ctrl+Shift+Enter would therefore open our support website at

And for .net websites, the shortcut key is Shift+Enter. So you can view the most popular PowerPoint presentations on Slideshare by typing slideshare/popular followed by Shift+Enter.

Bonus Tip: If you like Firefox to add a different suffix other than .com, open your Firefox settings page at about:config and change the value of key browser.fixup.alternate.suffix to something else like .org, .net, etc.

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Published in: Mozilla Firefox

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