Backup your WordPress Blog to Dropbox

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 21, 2012

wpTimeMachine is a useful WordPress plugin that makes it easy for you to backup your entire WordPress blog to your Dropbox account. It can perform an automatic backup of your WordPress MySQL database, themes, plug-ins and all the other files and images that you may uploaded to your WordPress folder.

After you have installed the plugin, just enter your Dropbox credentials and hit the Generate Archive button. Within minutes (the time may vary depending upon the size of your WordPress site), you should see the backups in your Dropbox folder.

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How to Trigger Backups?

You may either choose to perform backups manually, as in the case above, or you can setup a cron job to backup your WordPress site at preset schedules automatically.

The plug-in can also be configured such that backups are triggered as soon as you publish a new post but use it with caution as it may put lot of extra strain of your server.

Also, you may have uploading issues if the wp-content folder is too large because the Dropbox API won’t accept files that are larger than 300MB.

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