Backup your Computer to Amazon S3 with JungleDisk

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Jungle Disk is an online backup tool that lets you store your computer data on Amazon S3 server effortlessly. Jungle Disk is available for Mac, Windows and Linux machines.

With Jungle Disk, you can access your stored files from anywhere using the web browser or through their iPhone and iPad apps.

The Jungle Disk Desktop Edition license covers an unlimited number of computers – you can backup all your Mac, Windows and Linux computers using a single license and pay only for the actual storage you use across all your computers.

You pay a monthly subscription fee to Jungle Disk place 15 ¢ per GB of storage to Amazon S3.

You can configure the time when the backup job will run. You can run the backup manually, or at a pre-defined interval which could be every 5 minutes or even daily.

Jungle Disk may automatically wake your computer from sleep mode in order to conduct the scheduled backup.

Restoring files from Amazon S3 through Jungle Disk is easy. You can restore the most recent version of the file or from any of the previous backups.

The files by default are restored to the same folder from where they were originally backed up though you can choose a different folder in case you don’t like to over the current version.

Published in: Amazon S3 - backup

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