The Subscriber Count of your YouTube Channel Could Go Down

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 20, 2012
youtube subscriber report

Got a video channel on YouTube? You might see a drop in the subscriber count of your YouTube channel in the coming days.

Google is doing a clean-up and they’ll remove all closed and inactive YouTube accounts from the total subscriber counts. That is, if ‘zombie’ accounts have been following you on YouTube, they won’t be counted as subscribers anymore.

The YouTube team says that once the subscribe count numbers are adjusted, YouTube channel owners can expect an average drop of 4% or less. You might see a higher drop in subscriber numbers if your YouTube channel has been around for a longer period of time because you’ll have relatively more ‘closed’ accounts in your subscriber list.

To learn more about your YouTube subscribers, go to and check the “Subscribers” link under Engagement Reports. It shows your subscriber count by geography, by date and how your various video uploads have affected, positively or negatively, your YouTube growth.

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