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As some of you would know, I write a weekly tech column for The Wall Street Journal India. Here’s a quick roundup of some  of the recent ones:

  • When to Leave FeedBurner - There has been lot of chatter around FeedBurner and web publishers are worried that Google may eventually shut down the service. Should you move away from FeedBurner?
  • Where Android Is Better Than iOS - I was never a fan of Android but with the new Jelly Bean version of Android OS, Google has created a solid competitor to the iOS that in many ways is better than Apple’s mobile OS.
  • Why Nexus 7 Beats the iPad - Steve Jobs rejected the 7” form factor but after a month with the device, I find the Nexus 7 more comfortable to hold, its portable and iOS no longer has the “app ecosystem” advantage.
  • A Week Without Gmail - I have switched from Gmail to Outlook and am actually enjoying the new home.
  • The Underground Economy of Dropbox - The more people you convince to join Dropbox, the more free storage space you get. But how do you find new users?
  • The Problem with Social Buttons - Most websites and blogs have ‘like,’ ‘tweet’ and dozens of other social sharing buttons, but they are not always as worthwhile as you might think.
  • A Google for Your Private Data - Your private files are in the cloud that are completely invisible to your desktop search program. There’s however a search engine that can index your cloud files.

All WSJ India stories are available in Hindi as well.

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