Quick Note to Twitter Users Who are Listed on WeFollow

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WeFollow, as you probably know, is a public directory of Twitter users. The site, a brainchild of Digg founder Kevin Rose, was launched nearly an year ago and is still quite an hit among Twitter users.

To add your own Twitter profile in the WeFollow directory, you just need to grant certain read & write permissions to WeFollow, choose a city and any five tags, and you are done. Your profile will get listed under the relevant tags and you’ll also get own profile page on WeFollow - see example.

What’s the problem then?

default tweet from wefollow

When  you add (or update) your Twitter profile to WeFollow, there’s a default setting that says ”Update my twitter URL to be my WeFollow profile.”   If you are in a hurry and don’t read the fine-print, the URL in your Twitter profile will automatically be replaced with your WeFollow profile.

There are quite a few Twitter profiles now that are pointing to WeFollow though I doubt if the profile owners are aware of the fact that their blog URLs have been replaced in Twitter just because they failed to uncheck a default setting.

It just doesn’t make sense to point your Twitter followers to a directory listing when you have your own website.

wefollow profiles

Published in: Twitter

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