How Many Videos Have You Watched on YouTube ?

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 26, 2012

youtube-video-statisticsYou may have spent countless hours on YouTube watching cats falling off the dinner tables but do you know the exact number of video clips that you have ever watched on YouTube ?

YouTube tracks statistics for all their videos but now they have decided to share some basic stats with their members.

Login to your YouTube account and then click this link – – its your personalized YouTube homepage. Customize this page and add the statistics modules.

1. You will now know the number of YouTube videos that you have ever viewed on YouTube.

2. If you upload videos on YouTube, you will also see total views – that’s the number of times your own videos have been viewed on YouTube by other members.

YouTube offers aggregated stats for all your videos – if you want to track statistics for individual YouTube videos, check out TubeMogul> – it’s like your personal Google Analytics for YouTube.

Update: YouTube has updated their site layout and the Statistics module is no longer available.

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