More Twitter Followers Don't Always Mean More Clicks

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The “Suggested Users” feature of Twitter has left many souls unhappy and rightly so because the moment your Twitter profile shows up on the suggested list, your follower count can grow almost exponentially thus making you look all the more “influential”.

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A high follower count on Twitter can certainly give an ego boost but will your servers crash if a popular Twitter user with half a million followers tweets about your web site?

I did a quick and very unscientific study to determine the relation (if any) between “Twitter follower count” and “web traffic” using random tweets of popular technology bloggers and here’s what I found:

If Mashable or TechCrunch (each having >300k followers) share a link on Twitter, the target website can expect anywhere between 3.5k to 6k visitors. On the other hand, someone like Steve Rubel (with ~20k followers) can alone send 1.1k to 2.2k new visitors from a single tweet though he’s just 5% the size of Mashable in terms of Twitter follower count.

And here’s some more data to suggest that 10x more Twitter followers don’t necessarily mean that links mentioned in their tweets would get 10x more clicks.

pete cashmore Mashable (Pete Cashmore) - 345,606 Followers

Dave Winer - 20,773 Followers

Published in: Twitter

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