Become a Celebrity: Put Your Face on Magazine Covers and CNN

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 4, 2008

Want to see yourself on CNN news, BoingBoing or the front cover of all top magazines like TIME, Wired, Cosmopolitan, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, etc.

Try these fake magazine cover creation tools:

1. MagMyPic – Just upload your picture and this service will instantly put that on the cover of TIME, Rolling Stone, Fortune, People, Maxim, Vogue and other popular magazines. The service is quick but you have no control over the text appearing on the magazine cover.

maxim-playboy-cover-magazine – This is an excellent service for creating a personalized Wired Magazine Cover – you can pick your own picture, tag lines and even control the placement of various elements using simple drag-n-drop. You also get a printable version of the Wired magazine cover.

time-magazine-cover3. U.R.Celeb – This is an excellent Windows software to create fake magazine cover image on the desktop. Unlike MagMyPic, this software offers you tons of control – you can change the magazine headlines, resize photos and the branding is non-obtrusive.

Supports CNN Breaking News, TIME, Vogue, PlayBoy and other popular magazines.

4. BoingBoing – It’s tough to get BoingBoing editors to link to your blog but with this post generator, you can create your own BoingBoing story. Stuff in a few words and your BoingBoing Story is ready.

Robert Scoble’s picture from monkeyleader.

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