Record Your Travel Expenses for Reimbursement Using Email


You are on a business trip and all the expenses (including accommodation, meals, parking, etc) will be reimbursed by the company. The only problem is how to gather and keep track of all these expenses assuming you don’t carry a laptop with Excel all the time.

Here’s some help in the form of Xpenser - a free web based tool that will help you record all expenses incurred through email.

Say you spend $5 for a metro ticket from Manhattan to Times Square. You can compose an email addressed to _e@expenser.com_ with the following subject:

Travel $5 Metro from Manhattan to Times Square, NYC [Category Amount Description]

Send this email from your mobile phone (or computer) and it will be recorded in the Xpenser web database almost instantly. The first field (category) may help you separate your private and business related expenses.

You can also add expenses (or modify existing ones) online using the web interface. Xpenser will then create an expense report for you to reclaim the travel expenses at the end of the trip. Simple and handy.

And if you are based in US, you can also use SMS text messages or even voice mail to file travel expenses in Xpenser.

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