Edit Google Maps Like a Wiki; Add Roads, Schools, Buildings, etc.

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 23, 2008

Google is using the very successful “anyone can edit” model of Wikipedia to improve the quality of information available on Google Maps.

 edit google maps wiki

They have launched Google Map Maker for you to add new roads, temples, railway lines, parks, hospitals, movie halls, shops and even mountains that exist in your area but are missing on the Google Maps website.

The area you are editing with Google Map Marker could be your home, a shopping mall in your neighborhood, your alma mater or some tourist place that you visited last summer.

To experience Google Map Marker, try editing of these regions on Google Maps – Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Pakistan, Vietnam or Cyprus.

Adding a Road on Google Maps


If you are too familiar with some particular area (like the colony where you have your home), assign that area as your neighborhood. In that case, you get to know any additions or edits made by other Google Maps users to that area.

Taking Claim of a Locality on Google Maps


This is a fantastic idea and will prevent vandalism to a great degree since everyone will love to see their areas marked clean and accurately on Google Maps.

The information you add to Google Maps can be edited or deleted by other users though there’s no way to track edits as you can do in Wikipedia. You can however create a neighborhood to easily moderated edits made in area that you know particularly well.

Google Map Maker may be some bad news for Wikimapia because going forward, Google may publish content added by you on the main Google Maps websites for others to see and use.  Thanks Amit Somani.

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