Type Less When Browsing Internet from a Mobile Phone

mobile phone internetUnless you have a mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard, typing URLs and search keywords in the web browser of your mobile phone is not always very convenient.

For instance, if you wanted to read the Wikipedia entry related to Benazir Bhutto on a phone, you would either visit Google or the official Wikipedia website, type her complete name in the search box and hit Go. That’s lot of typing.

Now imagine a service (something like Google Suggest for mobile phones) that would automatically guess the words while you are still typing and show you the answers in real time.

That’s what Boopsie is all about – it’s a find-as-you-type service that lets you search Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, News, Word Dictionary and host of other popular websites from the mobile phone with little or no typing.

Now to read the Wikipedia page of Benazir Bhutto, you could simply select the Wikipedia channel and type “ben bhu” – Boopsie will show all Wikipedia pages that match the string and clicking on the link will take you to the appropriate web page. Similar “pa hi” will find Paris Hilton.

You can use Boopsie for regular Google search, for finding word meanings, news search, latest sports scores and more. The results appear in real time and change dynamically as you type characters.

Other that saving click strokes and time, a big advantage of using Boopsie over traditional search is that it auto-formats the target web page for the mobile phone so that they are more readable on the tiny screen.

To get boopsie, go to boopsie.com from your mobile phone browser and download the appropriate version. Boopsie is available for almost all mobile phones.

Alternatively, you can visit boopsie.mobi to experience Boopsie from your desktop. It can also act as a good workaround if sites like Wikipedia or Google are banned in your workplace.

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Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal

Google Developer Expert, Google Cloud Champion

Amit Agarwal is a Google Developer Expert in Google Workspace and Google Apps Script. He holds an engineering degree in Computer Science (I.I.T.) and is the first professional blogger in India.

Amit has developed several popular Google add-ons including Mail Merge for Gmail and Document Studio. Read more on Lifehacker and YourStory


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