Websites and Words That Are Blocked in China

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 19, 2012

This infographic contains a list of censored keywords (highlighted in red) and websites that are currently blocked in China.

Censored Keywords in China
Words and Websites Blocked in China

There are generally two kinds of internet censorship in China – they either completely block a website from users or they instruct local search engines to modify search results for certain keywords.

For instance, sites like IMDB and BBC are inaccessible from within China and some of them may not even appear in the search results of local search engines like Baidu or Sohu. The next form of censorship is keyword based. If you search for a censored keyword (say “Human Rights”) in a Chinese search engine, you’ll see few or no results.

InfoBeautiful has turned this list of censored keywords and websites that are currently blocked in China into a nice visualization and the more interesting part is that image looks like the map of China itself.

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