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Have you ever receieved an email message and wondered how they created such a nice layout inside an email message? What fonts and colors were used in the message body? How was the email signature created?

You can always look at the HTML source of an email message manually and it will lay bare all the elements and formatting that were used to write that message but there’s an even better and non-techie way. It’s called Scope.

Scope is essentially a bookmarklet that will extract the source code of an email message, cleans the HTML and formats the source for easy reading. Scope currently works for Gmail but support for Yahoo Mail and is coming.

Email Message Source

Share any message in Gmail with public

There’s another good utility of Scope for those who aren’t really interested in the design aspect of their email messages.

The service can help you share any email message in your mailbox - like this one from Twitter - with a click and this can be a good alternative to traditional email forwards.

Open any email message inside Gmail and click the Scope bookmarklet. The app will convert that email message into a public web page that you can share with the outside world.

The URLs are automatically masked from the shared email message but you may even hide any other confidential details from the message - like the email addresses or phone numbers - before making it public.

The public URLs for your shared email messages will remain active for 15 days. The service is free though you would have to verify your email address before sharing any email message.

Published in: Bookmarklets - Gmail - Web Design

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