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Let’s assume you are speaking at an event. Now when you are done with the presentation, some people in the audience would definitely want to have a “soft copy” of your slides. How would you distribute them?

The old approach is that you collect the email addresses of all the interested people and send the slides as an email attachment. Or you can upload the presentation file to some document sharing website, like Google Docs or Dropbox, and send them the hyperlink.

Alternatively, you may consider using QR Codes to distribute your presentation. Put the QR code image in the last slide, people can scan the code with their mobile phones and the presentation file would automatically download on to their phones. No need to write URLs.

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Distribute Presentation Decks with QR Codes

There’s a new service in town called TagMyDoc that makes it easy for you to convert documents or presentations into QR Codes. Just upload the file to TagMyDoc and it will generate a corresponding QR code that you can include in your presentation slides for quick download. The service supports Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs and most common images formats.

You may wonder why would anyone use TagMyDoc when they can simply upload the presentation to, say, Dropbox and generate QR codes for the public link manually.

There are several reasons. One, TagMyDoc takes cares of the document hosting as well as the code generation so its quicker. TagMyDoc can automatically insert the QR Code image into your presentation so it easy to locate the online copy from the physical copy in case someone decides to print your slides. And it can also track downloads for you.

You can use TagMyDoc without registration but in that case, the uploaded documents will expire after two weeks. They are also working on plugins for Word and PowerPoint that will help you tag files from within Microsoft Office itself.

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Published in: QR Codes

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