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You can now use the filetype: operator to search for both Office 2007 documents and templates through Google. Their FAQ doesn’t say this but Google can now index Word 2007 documents (docx), Word Templates (dotx) and Macro-enabled Word Documents (dotm).

Other than Word, Google can also help you find templates for Excel 2007 and PowerPoint presentations. (reference)

google docx

Either open these files directly in Office 2007 or click the “View as HTML” link to read the text version of the document in the browser itself very similar to Gmail.

Some sample search queries:

  • sales invoice filetype:xlsx - Sales Invoice written in Excel 2007
  • productivity filetype:pptx - PowerPoint 2007 presentations related to Productivity
  • resume filetype:docx - Resume written in Word 2007

There will be instances when you’ll encounter regular web pages for filetype: queries - that’s due to an old bug in Google where it gets confused if the directory (or subfolder) name ends with the same extension that you have used for the file type.

In addition to Office 2007 documents, Google can also index scanned PDF images. Thanks John.

Published in: docx - Google - Microsoft Office

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